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South Utah County Community Voice is a non-profit organization that was recently formed to promote and protect the interests of the people of South Utah County. Community Voice is committed to providing information and education concerning future growth and the impact it will have on the health, safety, welfare and property values in our community. We will represent our community to local, state, and federal government agencies not only to ensure the protection of our legal rights, but also to preserve the environment and beauty of South Utah County in which we live. Currently, our primary focus involves monitoring the Benjamin Quarry Gravel Pit and Asphalt Facility plant located on West Mountain at 6600 W 7200 S. The operators of the pit have applied for an additional 60-acre mining expansion on BLM property and a permanent asphalt operating permit.

Executive Board

  • Chair
  • Julie Sainsbury
  • Vice-Chair
  • Val Koefed
  • Board Member
  • Nyle Russell
  • Secretary
  • Nita Burch
  • Treasurer
  • Shauna Phleps

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    Julie Sainsbury: 801-319-5684
    Val Koefed: 801-641-4996
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    PO Box 593, Payson, UT 84651
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    You can mail a donation to Community Voice c/o Julie Sainsbury, Chair, PO Box 593, Payson, UT 84651.

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  • Increased truck traffic (exceeding approved quota); trucks not obeying traffic laws and regulations; insufficient road infrastructure.
  • Non-compliant with numerous current regulations (e.g., no fire safety plan).
  • Watch three Kilgore trucks fail to stop as legally required by clicking here.
  • Health

  • Air contamination with silica dust produced from the pit and the carcinogens emitted by the asphalt plant.
  • Inadequate containment berms and insufficient barriers under recycled asphalt stored on site.
  • Numerous imminent potential sources of pollutants and contaminants threatening surface and ground water resources.
  • 24-hour noise pollution (blasting, heavy equipment backup alarms, crushing, and truck Jake brakes).
  • Property values

  • Potential decreased property values.
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