Warren County student named national finalist for Doodle for Google contest


Bowling Green Student Wins Doodle for Google Contest

(BOWLING GREEN, KY) – Aleesha Niyorukundo from Drakes Creek Middle School (Warren County) has been named one of the 55 state and territory winners in the 16th annual Doodle for Google contest.

In January, Google asked students across the U.S. to submit their ideas for the contest. This year's theme was in celebration of Google’s 25th anniversary, asking students to answer the prompt “My wish for the next 25 years…” through their art.

"My Doodle represents a world at peace in 25 years," said Niyorukundo."This will allow people to have fair learning opportunities, children to be themselves and not worry about the safety of their countries and people to focus on making the Earth a cleaner place. It will allow poverty and homelessness to be solved."

Young artists shared a range of things they wished for in the next 25 years including safer communities, technological breakthroughs, a cleaner planet and greater unity among people.

The program said given the challenging nature of the past few years, they were really inspired to see the many ways students have been facing the opportunities and challenges that the future brings.

Each of the 55 students received Google hardware, swag and held celebrations in their hometowns to showcase their artwork. 

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